Our Country...

        There is a lot more to Hellas (Greece) than what we have learned in school and have seen in popular pictures beaches and fabulous sunsets. In Hellas you will find yourself at the crossroads of civilization, where you feel the power of its history and the warmth of the most southern area of Europe. It is the gateway of Europe. You will discover the evoloution of thinking, influence and experience. The birth­place of Philosophy, Harmony, Arts, Culture, Humanity and Democracy.

            Whichever corner of the world you may come from,  you will find your­self in a country of rich historical past. A relatively small country which is quite diverse. You will be surrounded by pla­ces that are depicted in thousands of postcards which remain very much ali­ve and elusive. Hel­las is a country with marvelous cont­rasts, an end­less journey through time from the past into the future. Its people will offer you unforgettable moments and expe­riences.

            Travel through its archeological sites and to its cluster of is­lands. Walk on the beaches and through the mountains to discover scenery that will remain in your heart and mind forever. Your trip will end in the beautiful city of Athinai, the city of Wisdom, Light and Peace where, for over three thousand years, it has been serving Humanity, cultivating the Arts and working for prevelance of Peace. Xenios Zeus, the Patron God and Athena, the keeper of city of Athi­nai, will wellcome you under the Sacred Rock of Acropolis with feelings of friendship and love. The Members of Athinai Rotary Club will be happy to welcome you to one of its meetings in this marvelous city.




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