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Date Speaker Subject
  5/7/11 General Assembly Meeting on the current year proceedings review. Last meeting of current Rot. Year
  21/6/11 Mr. PANAGIOTIS LIARGOVAS, President of Economic Studies Department, University of Peloponnesse "Greece after I.M.F. intervention"

Joint meeting with Rotaract Club of Athens

  14/6/11 Rot. LEONIDAS KOGKETSOF, Ex Dean of University of Thrace, ex Governor of 2481 R.I. District "Konfucious and ancient Greeks"
  7/6/11 Rot. Dr. VASILIOS VARSOS, Chairman of L.D. Vinci Committe, ex President of R.C.A. "Impressions from the 37th L.D. Vinci Ceremony Award in Dublin, May, 26-29, 2011"
  31/5/11 There will be no meeting due to our club participation at Leonardo Da Vinci Award Ceremony in Dublin, Ireland
  24/5/11 Mr. NIKOLAOS KOKKALAKIS, General Director of Grundfos Hellas "The temptation of lonely decisions"
  •   Baron TONIS BREIDEL CHANTZIDIMITRIOU, Historian and Member of Academy of Genealogy Sciences "Alfonsos XIII" of Spain
  •   Mr. IOANNIS GEORGOULAS, Professor and Historian
"The 50 year long journalist life of Mrs. Eleni Chantziandreou"
  13/5/11 Joint meeting with R.C. of Berlin-Pankow of Germany
  19/4/11-10/5/11 There will be no meetings due to Easter holidays and the District Conference
  12/4/11 Mr. VASILIOS KIKILIAS, Orthopedic MD, ex Candidate for District Governor of Attiki. "Greece of today and tomorrow"
  5/4/11 There will be no meeting  
  29/3/11 Mr. PELOPIDAS KALLIRIS, President of the Economical Chamber of Greece "The Greek economy. The National debt, the crisis and the competitiveness"
  22/3/11 Rot. IOANNIS KYRIAKOPOULOS, Civil Engineer, General Secretary of the General Ambassador Body of Technical Chamber of Greece "Construction of private projects. Legal and illegal development"
  15/3/11 Rot. DIMITRIOS ZORMPALAS, ex President of R.C.A. "Rotarian for 35 years and Boy Scout for 66 years. What I gained serving these two organizations"
  8/3/11 There will be no meeting
  1/3/11 Mr. MARTIN KNAPP, General Director and BoD Member of Greek-German Industrial and Commercial Chamber "Greece and Germany inside FMU"
  22/2/11 There will be no meeting
  15/2/11 Mr. EFSTATHIOS SKLIROS, MD "Vascular deficiency"
  8/2/11 Rot. NIKOLAOS EFSTATHIADIS, President of R.C. Gerakas, Forest Expert "Forest: The largest asset of the country"
  1/2/11 Mr. PANAGIOTIS KARAKATSOULIS, Professor of University of Athens "The contribution of degraded University-level education to the census problem of Greece"
  25/1/11 Rot. MICHAIL POULMENTIS, President of Scholarships Foundation of RCA


"Education: Warranty - Rebirth of Hellenism"

A night devoted to Scholarships Foundation of R.C.A.

  18/12/10 Rot. IOANNIS ILIAKIS, Governor of 2470 RI District "Role of Rotary in today's Greece"

This week's meeting will take place at Zappeion Megaron

  11/1/11 Mrs. MARIANA A. MOSCHOU, President of ELEPAP "ELEPAP: The first institution since 1937 for the handicapped child"
  14/12/10  Procedures for the election of next BoD members of R.C.A.
  7/12/10 Mrs. ELENI EFTICHIDOU, MD, Professor of T.E.I. of Athens "Stress and Health"
  30/11/10 Mr. SOTIRIOS MOUSOURIS, President of Greek-African Chamber


Mrs. TERINA-ARMENAKI KALOGEROPOULOU, President of Ambassadorial Body of Greece

"A Night devoted to Africa"

"Business Horizons in Africa"


"Business opportunities in Ethiopia"

  23/11/10 Rot. APOSTOLOS RANTSIOS, Veterinarian "Praise of National Resistance"
  16/11/10 Rot. SOTIRIOS RAPTIS, Prof. of Medical School, Univ. of Athens, ex President of R.C.A. "We honor the people we love"

A night devoted to R.C.A, in honor of ex President Rot. Dr. Vasilios Varsos

  9/11/10 Rot. DIMITRIOS TSIMPOUKIS, ex. Governor of RI 2470 District, ex President of R.C.A., President of Voluntarism Committee of R.C.A.  "Voluntarism and Quality of Life"
  2/11/10 Rot. COSMAS CHOUTOURIADIS, Ass. Governor of RI 2470 District, ex President of R.C. Athens-Goudi "MyDistrict@Rotary: An organization and information tool of the Rotarians"

Multi-club meeting

  26/10/10 There will be no meeting
  19/10/10 Rot. CHARALAMPOS TIGINAGAS, Physiotherapist, Manager of Physiotherapy clinic of "Agios Savvas" Hospital "Physiotherapy and Tumorology"
  12/10/10 Mr. SPIRIDON ZAGARIS, Mayor of Marathon, "2.500 years of Marathon Municipality"
  5/10/10 Mr. PANAGIOTIS FOTIADIS, Mayor of Acharnai, "The town of Acharnai through the centuries"
  28/9/10 Rot. NIKOLAOS SAVINOS, Manager of Financial Audit Dept., Super Market -Carrefour-Μαρινόπουλος Α.Ε. "Financial models"
  21/9/10 Miss ELVA KONTOTHANASSI, Secretary of Rotaract Club of Athens,


Miss AGLAIA EFSTATHIDOU, Ex. President of Rotaract Club of Athens

"Experiences from the international meeting RYLA 2010 in Montreal, Canada"

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