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Date Speaker Subject
  29/6/2010 General Assembly Meeting on the current year Proceedings review
  15/6/2010 Meeting devoted to RCA. Rotarians will be awarded the "Paul Harris Fellow" award for their contribution to RCA
  8/6/2010 Rot. VASILIOS VARSOS, President of RCA "The 36th Leonardo Da Vinci Ceremony Award in Vienna"
  25/5/2010 Mrs. GIANNA DESPOTOLPOULOU, President of Special Olympics "Volunteerism: An act of Altrouism or Egoism?"

Joint meeting with Rotary Clubs of Penteli and Zappeio, devoted to Special Olympics

  18/5/2010 Mr. OLDINO CERNOIA, Director of Italian School of Athens "The reformed educational system in Italy"
  11/5/2010 Rot. GEORGE KATSAROS, Music Composer

Mr. ANTONIOS MELANITIS, Music President of the "Harmonic Laboratory" Club

Meeting devoted to the "Harmonic Laboratory", a Cultural Club of Athens
  27/4/2010 General Assembly meeting on the ammendement of the R.C.A. Constitution
  20/4/2010 Mrs. ANNA KARAKATSOULI, Ass. Professor at University of Athens "European Colonies and explorers at the end of 19th Century. The exceptional case of Greek Dr. Panagiotis Potagos (1839-1903)"
  23/3/2010 Mr. PANAGIOTIS MELAS, ex. Member of Hellenic Parliament "The historic miracle of 25th of March should remain alive"

Joint meeting with Rotary Clubs of Kifissia Politia and Athens - Academia

  16/2/2010 Rot. LEONIDAS KOGKETSOF, former Dean of University of Thrace,  former Governor of 2481 R.I. District "Poetry - Music - Ethics according to Democritus"
  9/3/2010 Rot. VASILIOS VARSOS, President of R.C.A., Manager of Neurosurgery Clinic of Red Cross Hospital Informative talk on the ammendment of R.C.A. Constitution
  2/3/2010 Rot. MANOS AERAKIS, Jewelry The subject will be determined shortly.
  23/2/2010 Mr. VASILIS VASILIKOS,   Literature "Literature and World-wide Understanding"

Joint Meeting of all Clubs of 2470 District of R.I. upon celebration of the 105th anniversary of R.I.

The meeting will take place at Metropolitan Hotel, 385 Syggrou Ave.

  16/2/2010 Mr. IOAKIM, Eparch of Zambia and Malaui, Africa "The Orthodox mission in Zambia"
  9/2/2010 Mr. GEORGE SEKERIS, ex. Ambassador "The international scene as it commences in 2010. Great forces, problems, perspectives"
  26/1/2010 Mrs. EVI CHRISTOFILOPOULOU, Deputy Minister of Education, Life-Long Learning and Religion "Scholarships of R.C.A."
  19/1/2010 Rot. DIMITRIOS TSIMPOUKIS, Governor of 2470 District of RI "Rotary Club Excellence Award"
  12/1/2010 Mrs. MARY TRIFONIDI, President of "FLAME" Foundation

FLAME is the Foundation of parents bearing children, victims of cancer

The 11th Award Ceremony of "Konstantinos and Smaragda Bereketi" Prize will take place.

The prize will be awarded to "FLAME" Foundation

In addition, the traditional New Year's Day celebration will be held.

  15/12/2009 The electoral procedures for the election of Board of Directors for period 2010-2011 will take place
  8/12/2009 Mr. JORGE BUKAY,           Author - Psychotherapist Joint meeting with clubs of Lycabettus, Athinai and Kallithea

The meeting will be held at St. George Lycabettus otel

  1/12/2009 Rot. IOANNIS IKONOMOU, Manager of Nova Sports channels "Subscription TV in Greece"
  24/11/2009 Mr. APOSTOLOS GAITANIS, Plastic Surgeon "How you can stop time"
  10/11/2009 Mr. KYRIAKOS_ANDREAS ZIZAS, Electrical-Mechanical Engineer, Director of Energy Management, Public Power Corporation S.A. "Today's and future's renewable energy sources"
  3/11/2009 Mr. GEORGE VARSOS, President of Rotaract Club of Athens "The "small" Rotary"

Joint meeting with Rotaract Club of Athens, devoted to Youth

  27/10/2009 Mr. KONSTANTINOS MPARMPIS, Historian, Author, Journalist "The Leonidas-like "OXI" of the '40's"

Joint meeting with Rotary Clubs of Piraeus, Piraeus East, Castellan and Lycabettus, devoted to the National holiday of "October 28th, 1940"

  20/10/2009 Mrs. ELENI HANTZIANDREOU, Publisher

Rot. DEMOSTHENIS APOSTOLOPOULOS, Ex Governor of 2481 RI District

Rot. SOTIRIOS RAPTIS, Professor of University of Athens, Ex President of R.C. Athinai

Rot. ATHANASIOS KONTOTHANASIS, Vice President of R.C. Athinai

PHILOLOGICAL REQUIEM in memory of Dr. EVANGELOS MEXIS, General Secretary of R.C. Athinai
  13/10/2009 Rot. DIMITRIOS BALLIS, ex. Consultant to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs "The international crisis and its impact on Greece"
  6/10/2009 Rot. GEORGE ROSSIS, Investments Consultants "Investments and state-aid programs"
  29/09/2009 Rot. GEORGE LIVANIOS, Business Administration "Environment Quality Management Systems"
  15/09/2009 Mr. GEORGE SFAKIANOS, Paidoneurosurgeon, Vice Manager of Children's Hospital "Aghia Sophia" "The Greek Language"


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