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Date Speaker Subject
  30/06/2009 General Assembly meeting on the current year Proceedings review
  23/06/2009 Rot. HARIS STELLAKIS, Section Manager, Information Society SA "Proceedings of the 35th Pan-European Leonardo Da Vinci Award Ceremony in Athens"
  16/06/2009 Rot. ARISTEIDIS MAVRIDIS, Professor of Chemistry, University of Athens "University-level education in Greece"
  26/05/2009 Rot. CHRISTOS KRAVARITIS, Forensic Medicine "Alexander's the Great death and the scientific investigation of this mystery"
  12/05/2009 Rot. DIMITRIOS KATSIKIS, Business Consultant "The Historic Files of Banks"
  5/05/2009 Rot. IOANNIS ILIAKIS, Prospective Governor of 2470 RI District "Sailing across Beijing Sea"
  7/04/2009 Rot. IOANNIS MAVROULIAS, Governor of 2470 RI District for period 2003-2004 "Council on R.I. Legislation"
  31/03/2009 Rot. TZONIS KONSTANTINIDIS, Ex Governor, Chairman of R.C.A. Leonardo Da Vinci Committee "The 35th Leonardo Da Vinci Award Ceremony, in Athens, Greece, May, 29-31, 2009"
  24/03/2009 Rot. SOTIRIOS RAPTIS, Professor MD, Ex President of R.C.A. "The contribution of our Church to the struggles of our Nation"
  17/03/2009 Rot. IOANNIS KATSOGIANNIS, Deputy General Manager, Eurobank E.F.G "Wine: The fine product of Hellenic land"
  10/03/2009 Rot. KRITON TZAVELAS, Certified Public Accountant-Auditor "The worldwide crisis and corruption..."
  03/03/2009 Rot. PANAGIOTIS MARAGOS, President of R.C. Nea Smirni, NTUA Engineer

Rot. PETROS LINARDOS, Ex President of R.C. Nea Smirni, Journalist, Athletics History Writer

Mr. KONSTANTINOS MANAFIS, Professor of Byzantine Literature and President of Useful Books Support Club

A honorary night in memory of Great Greek Citizen DIMITRIS VIKELAS.

A joint meeting with R.C. of Nea Smirni.

  24/02/2009 Rot. VASILIOS PAPADOPOLOULOS, Honorary Member of R.C.A, Ex Governor of 2470 RI District, Ex President of R.C. Athinai-North "Does Rotary have a future?"
  10/02/2009 Mrs. ARSINOI ANDREADOU, Professor of Literature "Hypatia, the first Greek Scientist"
  03/02/2009 Rot. ELIAS MAVRIKOS, Financial Analyst of Alpha Bank "The worldwide economic crisis and its impact on the Greek economy"
  27/01/2009 Mrs. MARIETTA GIANAKOU, Former Minister of National Education and Religious Matters "Education within the framework of knowledge society"
  20/01/2009 Rot. DIMITRIOS MELIGKONIS, Director of Mid-level Education Office of Athens "The bad thing in a wedding is the one you are getting married to..."
  13/01/2009 Mrs. ZOZO SAPOUNTZAKI, Actress "A new Year's Day that cannot be forgotten..."

Official New Year's Day Meeting

  9/12/2008 Archbishop MAXIMOS KAPPAS, Director of Holy Church of Aghia Fotini, Ilissos "The Christian before the holy days of Christmas"
  2/12/2008 Rot. FOTIS MALTEZOS, Ex Governor of R.I. District 2470 and ex president of R.C. Athinai-North "Do we love Rotary? What should we do for it?"
  25/11/2008 Rot. EVANGELOS KOKKINOS, Insurance Broker "Insurance: A commodity or a consumers' product? Does the fundamental definition of Marketing apply to insurance products?"
  18/11/2008 Rot. MARI DELIVORIA, Governor of 2470 District of R.I. "Make dreams real"

Official visit of Governor of 2470 District of R.I.

  11/11/2008 Mr. PANAGIOTIS FASOULAS, Mayor of Piraeus "Piraeus from 20th to the 21st century"

Joint meeting, organized by the Clubs of Athinai, Piraeus, Piraeus East and Aegina.

  4/11/2008 Rot. LEONIDAS KOGKETSOF, Ex Dean of University of Thrace, Ex Governor of R.I. District 2481 "The atomic bomb and the Greek philosophers"
  21/10/2008 Rot. PANAGIOTIS TZOUMAS, Vice Governor of R.I. 2481 District "Memories of the '40's. Snapshots from the Greek-Italian War"

Common Ceremonial Meeting with Rotary Clubs of Ioannina and Piraieus East

  14/10/2008 Rot. ALEKOS KAZOGLIS, Attorney at Law, Ex President of R.C. of Athinai "Interventions and escapes..."
  7/10/2008 Rot. VLASIOS PYRGAKIS, Cardiologist, Vice President of Greek Cardiologic Company, Manager of Cardiologic Clinic of Korinthos G.H. "Metabolic syndrome and cardiovascular danger"
  30/09/2008 Miss AGLAIA EFSTATHIDOU, President of Rotaract Club of Athinai "We, the young people of Rotaract..."
  23/09/2008 Rot. GEORGE DASKALAKIS, Electrical-Electronics Engineer "The latest advances in medical technology"
  16/09/2008 Mrs. ELSA MELIGKONI "Whatever charms women and troubles men"
  9/09/2007 Mrs. IRINI THEODOSIADOU, R.C.A. Contributor "A dream journey..."


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