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Date Speaker Subject
  8/7/2008 General Assembly devoted to the current year Proceedings Review
  1/7/2008 Rot. GEORGE APOSTOLAKOS, Governor of 2470 RI District The meeting will be in honor of Rot. PETROS ISIDORIDIS and Rot. ALEKOS GIAKAS
  24/6/2008 Rot. IOANNIS KAMPANIS, Attorney at Law "The Naval Businesses of Greeks"
  17/6/2008 Rot. TZONIS KONSTANTINIDIS, Ex. District Governor, President of Leonardo Da Vinci Award Committee "Impressions from 34th Award Ceremony in Amsterdam, May 23-25, 2008"
  10/6/2008 Rot. NIKOLAOS KOKKINOS, Insurance Broker "How a young Rotarian perceived the Rot. District Conference"
  3/6/2008 Rot. APOSTOLOS RANTSIOS, Assistant Professor, University of Thessaloniki "New Technologies and Public Health"
  27/5/2008 Rot. TRIFON CHRISTOPOULOS, Manager, Commercial Bank "Commerce Bank: Revival through our history"
  20/5/2008 Mr. GEORGE VOULGARAKIS, Minister of Mercantile Marine, Aegean and Island Policy "The challenges and prospective of Mercantile Marine nowadays"



are playing the guitar and are singing

A night of musical entertainment with popular melodies and songs
  15/4/2008 Mr. PARMENON PAPATHANASIOU, Major General, President of Panhellenic Confederation of Resistance Organizations 1941-1944 "Retrospection to crucial years in Hellenic North"
  8/4/2008 Rot. PANAGIOTIS KATROUGKALOS, Manager, Ass. District Governor "Christian Dior House, a symbol of beauty and femininity"
  1/4/2008 Rot. DIMITRIOS MPALLIS, Finance Expert, ex. Special Consultant to Minister of Foreign Affairs "Hellenism at the last crossroad..."
  18/3/2008 Mr. MANOLIS MIKROGIANNAKIS, Professor of History, Philosophy Dept., University of Athens "The importance and the role of Education in the Hellenic Nation life"
  11/3/2008 Rot. PANAGIOTIS KOFINAKOS, Gynecologist "Advances in medical science for woman and International Society"
  4/3/2008 Rot. NIKOLAOS XANTHOPOULOS, President, Rotary Club of West Kavala "Private Insurance: A custom or an important procedure?"
  19/2/2008 Mrs. ARSINOI ANDREADI, Professor of Literature "Patriarcheion of Alexandria: The Light of Orthodoxy and Hellenism"
  12/2/2008 Mr. STRATOS TSOUCHLARAKIS, Honorary Professor, BS Channel Spokesman "Crete, the island of Love and War"
  5/2/2008 Rot. DIMITRIOS KATSIKIS, Business Consultant "The Greek Bank Libraries"
  29/1/2008 Mr. APOSTOLOS SELIMAS, Ret. Vice General of the Greek Army "Come and get the Light from the Light".

An Event devoted to the "Irini and Mihail Poulmenti Scholarship Organization"

  22/1/2008 Mr. ATHANASIOS FRONTISTIS, Finance Expert, Journalist "The quality assurance in the construction of Temples and Theaters in Ancient Greece"
  15/1/2008 Mr. CHRISTOS ALEXIOU, Prof. of Modern Greek Literature, Manager of "Literature Subjects" Magazine "80 years, Govotsis publications"
  18/12/2007 Board of Directors Elections for Rotarian Period 2008 - 2009
  11/12/2007 Mr. GEORGE SOURLAS, ' Vice President of Greek Parliament "The heroes of 1940 are waiting..."
  4/12/2007 Rot. DIONISIOS FILIOTIS, President and Managing Director of "Pharmaserve-Lilly", President of Pharmaceutical Companies of Greece "The quality assurance of medicine as a major initiative towards Public Health provisioning"
  27/11/2007 Rot. GEORGE APOSTOLAKOS, Governor 2470 District "World wide Understanding and Friendship"
  20/11/2007 Mrs. ALEKA PITTA-CHASAPI, Managing Director of "Melissokomiki Attiki-Pittas" "Attiki Honey: 80 years at the consumers service"
  13/11/2007 Rot. KOSTAS KREMALIS, Professor, Law School, University of Athens "The Right for Social Security"
  6/11/2007 Mr. SOTIRIOS ROUSSOS, Lecturer of Panteio University "Middle East, beyond the daily eruptions"
  30/10/2007 Rot. GEORGE KATSAROS, Music Composer Multi-club meeting with Clubs of Athinai, Peiraias, Peiraias East, Psichiko, Lycabetus and Peiraias Themistoklis on the Anniversary of National Celebration of October 28th, 1940. Subject: "The contribution of Greek Song in the "1940" victory"
  23/10/2007 Rot. BASILIOS VARSOS, President of R.C.A,

Rot. NIKOLAOS BALANOS, District Ex Governor,

Rot. BASILIOS PAPADOPOULOS, District Ex Governor,

Rot. TZONIS KONSTANTINIDIS, District Ex Governor

Honorary Dinner in Memory of KOSTAS VEREKETIS
  16/10/2007 Rot. STAVROS MAVROUDIS, Finance Officer "Lies and Truths on aeolic energy"
  9/10/2007 Rot. GEORGE RAILAKISGeneral Manager of Combo Hellas "Greek Agriculture: The next step"
  2/10/2007 Rot. LEONIDAS KOGETSOF, Ex Dean of University of Thrace, District 2481 Ex Governor "Human soul according to Demokritos"
  25/09/2007 Rot. GEORGE GREGOROPOULOS, Finance "The Devaluation of Politics: A Matter of Politics or a Society Problem?"
  18/09/2007 Rot. MANOS AERAKIS, Jewelry "New member admission and current member maintenance"
  11/09/2007 Mrs. IRINI THEODOSIADOU, R.C.A. Contributor "Byzantine Orthodoxy Themes: Monasteries of Meteora and St. Loukas"


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