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Our regular weekly meeting is an important, procedural operation within every club's life. At every meeting, there is always a well-known speaker giving a speech on a different topic every time. The topics include all fields of interest, but controversial political or religious subjects are avoided. The meeting, beyond it's informative nature, serves as an opportunity for developing acquaintances and friendships among the club members or club visitors and friends. Our meetings are open to everybody and the speeches are announced on the daily press.


Meeting Venue:

Place: Aegli Zappiou
Time: Every other Tuesday at 8.30 pm

Zappion Garden, Athens, 10557




Important Note: Every other Tuesday, Club meetings are held at our own Club Offices (20.00-22.00). Please communicate with our Club Permanent Secretary Office for further details.

To make a reservation to one of our forthcoming meetings, please call our Club Secretary.


                                                              ROTARY CLUB OF ATHINAI, ATHENS, GREECE